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Sale of PVC halls

Our vision is to offer high quality and reliable solutions for customer needs.


We are official partner of Best-Hall Oy in Estonia, which is largest PVC hall producer in Europe.


Hallimeister crew has long experience in erecting PVC halls. All our products are based on customer needs and every hall is engineered according to this.


Hallimeister crew also carries out maintenance and repairs PVC halls.


If you are looking for high quality structure, then in a changing economic environment, the best solution is PVC hall.

Reasons to choose us

  • We are partner of Best-Hall Oy in Estonia.
  • Our halls do not require conventional foundation. It is possible to erect hall onto asphalt with special steel rod anchoring technique.
  • Every hall is engineered and manufactured according to client needs.
  • Halls are resistant to our climate: PVC halls are engineered according to the local snow and wind load.
  • All halls are supplied with automatic ventilation.
  • We have years of experience in installation and maintenance.

Why choose a PVC hall?

  • Cost-effective;
  • Quick to erect;
  • Easy to relocate;
  • Adaptable and easy to resell.

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Example works




  • Janere
  • ETS Nord
  • Cronimet
  • Brenstol
  • Biston
  • Hansa Teenus
  • Tiksoja Puidugrupp
  • Sadolin Eesti
  • Milord
  • Stora Enso
  • Deboka Grupp

Maintenance works

Hallimeistrid have years of experience in the field. We install and maintenance your PVC hall capably.

PVC Hall Paigaldus


It is faster to erect PVC hall than traditional building. In addition to, it does not need foundation – it is possible to erect hall onto asphalt.

Experts in our crew are fast and they have years of experience.

PVC Hall Hooldus


We offer maintenance and repair for different situations. If there is small hole in PVC cover, we can fix it with special kit. For major injuries, we replace the steel frame parts or covers.

PVC Hall Ümberpaigutus


PVC hall is possible to relocate with small costs. If the distance is short and sufficient space is available, the entire hall can be relocated without disassembly by using cranes.