PVC halls


PVC hall is cost effective and safe choice for wide range of sports. Thanks to the absence of central pillars, use of space is improved. PVC hall can be supplied with isolation and heater. Also, it is possible to install light PVC wall inside the building.

PVC halls can be used for: football, hockey, horse riding etc.


PVC hall is practical and versatile for different industrial needs. The building can be fitted with protective steel inside walls, overhead cranes etc.

Insulation: PVC hall can be insulated using insulation wool and can be heated. Insulation cost is considerably lower than with traditional buildings. For wood industries, hall can be fitted with dehumidification system – it will keep relative humidity constant.


PVC- coated hall is best solution for warehouses. PVC hall will be engineered to suit for your needs. Buildings can be to use as traditional warehouse or to house large agricultural and industrial machines. Due to PVC airtight structure, humidity level inside the building will be constant regardless of the weather conditions . Thanks to that, building is suitable for storing different materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, metals and electronics.

Building do not have central support pillars: PVC hall gives up to 80 meters clean floor space.


Hallimeistrid offers solutions according to customers needs. Every single hall is designed and engineered according to field of use:

  • Lighting – PVC cover is translucent white and building requires only little additional lighting in daytime. Nevertheless hall can be supplied with lighting system. Individual lighting solution will be according to customers needs.
  • Heating and insulation – PVC hall can be ordered with special insulation and heatable. It provides warm working conditions inside the building.
  • Doors– location and size of doors can be selected as required. Client can choose between sliding doors and roll- up doors.
  • Ventilation and dehumidification – all halls are supplied with automatic ventilation. The roof ventilators and the air inlets in the wall will minimize condensation inside the building. Dehumidification system can be fitted to keep humidity level constant during the year.